Uno is almost 8 weeks old!

Saturday is Uno's 8 week birthday! What a guy!

Best Puppy in Bratislava!

Here is a video of Big Ben and his owner/handler Nicolo Fellino at the World Dog Show in Bratislava!

World Show in Bratislava

Congratulations to Anni Vischer & Claudia & Nicolo Fellino for Big Ben's win at the World Dog Show in Bratislava this past weekend! Big Ben is the son of Simply Grand Leonardo & Droll Duster Micro Wettex, bred by the Fellinos. Big Ben received Best of Breed puppy at this most prestigious show of the year! We look forward to following the show career of this amazing little boy!

Huntington again . . . . . .

Huntington will travel to his new family in Finland, the home of Santa Claus, at XMAS time!

Huntington is 16 weeks old!