Toli trying out Santa's gift!

Just had to share this photo of Dazzle's girl Toli! Her mom & dad own a helicopter company in British Columbia, and the pedal airplane is a XMAS gift for one of their associate's 2 year old daughter who will be arriving this weekend from Russia!

"Cabaret" is 8 weeks old!

Simply Grand "Cabaret", 8 weeks

Cabaret is 6 weeks old!

Simply Grand "Cabaret", 6 weeks

Schumann is quite a guy!

Simply Grand Schumann at 14 weeks old.
I just LOVE this little guy! He's a real dynamo!

Leonardo is now a Danish Champion!

"Leo" received his Danish Championship this past weekend! WOW, what a guy!
Here are Leo's titles so far:

German Youth - VDH
German Youth - CTV
Vice-World Junior Winner 2008
Swedish Winner 2009
Austria Champion
German Champion VDH
German Champion CTV
Champion International de Beauté
Champion Suisse de Beauté
Champion de Luxembourg de Beauté
Denmark Champion

Many congrats to Leo & Anni for a job well-done!

Congrats to "Big Ben"!

Big Ben of Fellinos Cotons, whose dad is Simply Grand Leonardo, received Best of Breed on Saturday at the Coton de Tulear Specialty in Celje, Slovenia! He also received Exc. 1 CAC from the Intermediate Class on Sunday at the European Winners show in Celje, & he is now a Slovenian Champion! Way to go, Big Ben, and many congrats to Claudia & Nicolo Fellino, his owners in Switzerland, and to Anni Vischer, the owner of Simply Grand Leonardo in Germany!

Calli's boy Schubert is 11 weeks old!

Simply Grand Schubert

Schubert & Schumann are both staying here at Simply Grand a bit longer for evaluation, as one of the boys will travel to a breeder in Europe. Which boy will be the lucky one? We'll keep you posted!

Calli's boy Schumann is 11 weeks old!

Simply Grand Schumann

Schubert & Schumann are 10 1/2 weeks old!

Simply Grand Schubert

Simply Grand Schumann

Toxic foods & the Holidays

There are certain foods Cotons should not eat. This is especially important to remember at this time of year with Halloween, Thanksgiving, & XMAS arriving sooner than we think!

Chewing gum is often given out on "trick or treat" night. Make sure you keep gum and candy (and ALL chocolate!) out of your dog's reach. What foods are toxic to dogs? Refer to the link below. Maybe you even want to print it and put it on your refrigerator so everyone in your family will know.

One specific food that people don't seem to think about until they have a problem is chewing gum. Some types of chewing gum can be toxic to the Coton. It is actually the sweetener in some chewing gum products that can be toxic. The toxic ingredient is called Xylitol. Adverse symptoms can develop quickly. So yes, something as simple as your dog eating a piece of your gum or a piece of hard candy can create serious problems.

Please click on the link below to learn about other foods your Coton should avoid!

Toxic Foods for the Coton de Tulear

Simply Grand Leonardo adds another title!

Congratulations to Anni Vischer & Simply Grand Leonardo "Leo" for obtaining yet another championship title for Leo, Champion of Luxembourg. Leo received Exc. 1, CAC from the Champion class. Way to go, Anni & Leo!

Simply Grand One Man Band "Uno"

Simply Grand One Man Band "Uno", from Ricci x Misha!

Congrats to Jenni & Uno!

Wonderful news from Jenni Peltola today! At the International Show in Tallin, Estonia, Simply Grand One Man Band "Uno" received Best of Breed Junior, then Best of Breed from all classes & Group 2. This was Uno's very first show, so we are really proud of him!

Dixie Chick, Then & Now!

Dixie Chick des Jardins de Gossypium

Where has all of the color gone? Dixie will be two years old on Christmas Day, 2010.

Charlie Brown is 5 1/2 months old!

Charlie lives in Seoul, South Korea, & is the
1st Simply Grand puppy to travel to Asia!

Congrats to Leo & Big Ben!

At the World Show in Denmark this weekend, Fellino's Big Ben (son of Simply Grand Leonardo) was named Vice-World Winner! And his dad Leo received Exc. 2nd place in the Champion Class. Well done, boys! And we're really proud of Anni, Claudia, & Nicolo who have taken the boys this far in their show careers!

Dazzle's babies are 1 week old!

Posh Spice
Baby Spice

Sporty Spice

Ginger Spice

Scary Spice


Congrats to "Big Ben "

Many congratulation to Claudia & Nicolo Fellino for their great weekend with "Big Ben". Ben is the son of Simply Grand Leonardo, & he received Best of Breed both days this past weekend in Saarbrucken, & now has obtained his German, Swiss, & Luxembourg Junior Championships! What a handsome boy!

Congrats to Anni & Leo!

Simply Grand Leonardo (from Clair x BoBo) has one more title to add to his impressive list of Championships, as he just received his Swiss Championship! Leo is now German Junior Ch. VDH, German Junior Ch. CTV, Vice-World Junior Ch. 2008, Swedish Winner 2009, Austrian Ch., German Ch. VDH, German Ch. CTV, Swiss Ch., & FCI International Champion of Beauty! We are so proud of you, Anni & Leo!

Mini-Me is 7 weeks old today!

Mini-Me had his 1st bath & blow-dry today! What a champ he was!

Congratulations to Lydie & Yum-Yum!

Simply Grand Kingly Keepsake "Yum-Yum" has now earned the honor of receiving the cotation of 4 Stars **** "Recommande" in France! Way to go, Lydie & Yum-Yum!

Ricci's little girl at 4 days old!

Isn't she an angel?

Mini-Me is 3 weeks old today!

Mini-Me is 1 week old!

Mini-Me is 5 days old!

Such an angel . . . . . .

Mini-Me at 3 days old!

Me, Myself, & I (aka "Mini-Me") from Dina x BoBo!

Charlie Brown enjoying the Spring weather!

Charlie will be living in Seoul, South Korea! His new breeder family already includes two beautiful Coton girls from France - one from Cartoonland, and one from Les Fleurs d'Aloes. I'm sure Charlie feels like he has gone to heaven!

Hooray for the girls!

I watched "The Hurt Locker" on Saturday before the awards, so now I know what all the hype is about! Fantastic film!

Schroeder vocalizing to Beethoven!

The Cartoon "Comics" are now 8 weeks old!

Congrats to Lydie & Yum-Yum!

Yum-Yum received Exc. 1, RCAC & RCACIB in Gent, Belgium this past weekend! We are also delighted to hear that Lydie and her family are safe after the terrible storms that devastated the western part of France today.

Another great weeekend for Big Ben!

Big Ben received the CAC and Best of Breed Junior in Fribourg this weekend. And his mamma Droll Duster Micro Wettex received her Suisse Championship as well as her FCI International Championship! Many congrats to the Fellinos!

Charlie Brown is 7 weeks old!

Schroeder today!

"Big Ben" in Bourges

"Fellino's Big Ben"
"Big Ben" is the son of Simply Grand Leonardo, & he received Best of Breed Junior at the French National Specialty in Bourges last weekend! There were 33 Cotons in his class, and over 100 Cotons entered in all of the classes.

Schroeder is 7 weeks old!

Congratulations to Yum-Yum!

Congratulations to Yum-Yum for receiving 1st place in the Intermediate Class in Bourges on Saturday at the Coton de Tulear Specialty, judged by Mme. Lafay! Way to go, Lydie & Yum-Yum!

Congrats to "Big Ben"!

Many congratulations to Fellino's "Big Ben", who is the son of Simply Grand Leonardo "Leo". Big Ben received Best of Breed Junior at the French National Specialty in Bourges today, judged by M. Mattera, & there were 33 Cotons in his class! I hope to have some photos to share soon! More than 100 Cotons were entered in the Specialty!

Charlie Brown turns 6 weeks old!

The "Comics" are 6 weeks old!

"Simply Grand Schroeder"

Schroeder, the THINKER!

Yum-Yum receives her 2nd CACIB!

Simply Grand Kingly Keepsake "Yum-Yum" received the CAC-CACIB this weekend in Troyes, France! Congrats to Yum-Yum and her mom Lydie! And many congrats to Lydie (who is also breeder to my girl "Dixie Chick") for receiving "Best Breeder in France, 2009"! Lydie's female "Brina" was the top Coton in France for 2009, and her male "Charlie Brown" was the #2 Coton in France (top male Coton). What an accomplishment, Lydie!

Charlie Brown & Schroeder at 4 1/2 weeks!

Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown & Schroeder


Congrats to Yum-Yum!

Congratulations to Lydie Vincent & Yum-Yum in Belgium today, where Yum-Yum received the CAC & CACIB! Yum-Yum is from Calli's "Mikado" litter, born in August 2008. Way to go, Yum-Yum!

"Uno" enjoying his playtime in the snow!

Thank you, Jenni, for sending these adorable pics of Uno enjoying the winter snow!