Another great weeekend for Big Ben!

Big Ben received the CAC and Best of Breed Junior in Fribourg this weekend. And his mamma Droll Duster Micro Wettex received her Suisse Championship as well as her FCI International Championship! Many congrats to the Fellinos!

Charlie Brown is 7 weeks old!

Schroeder today!

"Big Ben" in Bourges

"Fellino's Big Ben"
"Big Ben" is the son of Simply Grand Leonardo, & he received Best of Breed Junior at the French National Specialty in Bourges last weekend! There were 33 Cotons in his class, and over 100 Cotons entered in all of the classes.

Schroeder is 7 weeks old!

Congratulations to Yum-Yum!

Congratulations to Yum-Yum for receiving 1st place in the Intermediate Class in Bourges on Saturday at the Coton de Tulear Specialty, judged by Mme. Lafay! Way to go, Lydie & Yum-Yum!

Congrats to "Big Ben"!

Many congratulations to Fellino's "Big Ben", who is the son of Simply Grand Leonardo "Leo". Big Ben received Best of Breed Junior at the French National Specialty in Bourges today, judged by M. Mattera, & there were 33 Cotons in his class! I hope to have some photos to share soon! More than 100 Cotons were entered in the Specialty!

Charlie Brown turns 6 weeks old!

The "Comics" are 6 weeks old!

"Simply Grand Schroeder"

Schroeder, the THINKER!

Yum-Yum receives her 2nd CACIB!

Simply Grand Kingly Keepsake "Yum-Yum" received the CAC-CACIB this weekend in Troyes, France! Congrats to Yum-Yum and her mom Lydie! And many congrats to Lydie (who is also breeder to my girl "Dixie Chick") for receiving "Best Breeder in France, 2009"! Lydie's female "Brina" was the top Coton in France for 2009, and her male "Charlie Brown" was the #2 Coton in France (top male Coton). What an accomplishment, Lydie!

Charlie Brown & Schroeder at 4 1/2 weeks!

Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown & Schroeder