Schubert & Schumann are 10 1/2 weeks old!

Simply Grand Schubert

Simply Grand Schumann

Toxic foods & the Holidays

There are certain foods Cotons should not eat. This is especially important to remember at this time of year with Halloween, Thanksgiving, & XMAS arriving sooner than we think!

Chewing gum is often given out on "trick or treat" night. Make sure you keep gum and candy (and ALL chocolate!) out of your dog's reach. What foods are toxic to dogs? Refer to the link below. Maybe you even want to print it and put it on your refrigerator so everyone in your family will know.

One specific food that people don't seem to think about until they have a problem is chewing gum. Some types of chewing gum can be toxic to the Coton. It is actually the sweetener in some chewing gum products that can be toxic. The toxic ingredient is called Xylitol. Adverse symptoms can develop quickly. So yes, something as simple as your dog eating a piece of your gum or a piece of hard candy can create serious problems.

Please click on the link below to learn about other foods your Coton should avoid!

Toxic Foods for the Coton de Tulear

Simply Grand Leonardo adds another title!

Congratulations to Anni Vischer & Simply Grand Leonardo "Leo" for obtaining yet another championship title for Leo, Champion of Luxembourg. Leo received Exc. 1, CAC from the Champion class. Way to go, Anni & Leo!