Simply Grand Schumann

Congrats to Simply Grand Schumann for his remarkable accomplishments this year!
2011 Best of Breed, World Dog Show, Paris
2011 Junior World Winner, World Dog Show, Paris
2011 Junior European Winner, Amsterdam
2011 Swedish Winner
2011 Finnish Junior Winner
2011 Best of Breed Finnish Toy Dog Association Specialty, Helsinki
We're so proud of you, Jenni, Heidi, & Schumann!

Lovely "Fleur" from Dazzle x Solo

Simply Grand Fleur de Lis

Cashew is 14 years old!

Multi-Champion Cashew Kid was the very 1st Coton de Tulear to join Simply Grand, 14 1/2 years ago! He has sired so many gorgeous puppies, and we honor him for his contributions to the breed. Cashew is the dad to our veterans & multi-champions Matteo (11 years old) & BoBo (11 years old). Cashew is now retired and lives a life of leisure, love and luxury in Palm Springs, CA.

More Holiday Cheer!

Simply Grand Rocket Man

Happy Holidays!!!!!!

Congrats again to Jenni & Schumann!

Schumann received the CACIB today in Jyvaskyla, Finland, judged by Pehar Tino, Croatia.
Way to go, Jenni & Heidi & Schumann!

Congrats to Jenni, Heidi, & Schumann!

Simply Grand Schumann received Best Male, CACIB & CAC today in Seinajoki under judge Anne-Chatrine Unelsröd (Norway). Calli & Solo are soooo proud of their handsome boy!

Simply Grand Leonardo

Simply Grand Leonardo, owned by Anni Vischer, Germany
German Youth - Champion CTV & VDH
Vice-World Junior Winner 2008
Swedish Winner 2009
Austria Champion
German Champion CTV & VDH
Champion International de Beauté
Champion suisse de beauté
Champion de Luxembourg de Beauté
Danish Champion 

Simply Grand Solo, 6 1/2 years old!

Solo, the "Coat Monster"!

Cha-Cha & the Watermelon!

Cha-Cha's work, when her mom wasn't looking:)) Yummy!

European Winner Show 2011

Jenni Peltola & Simply Grand Schumann, Junior European Winner 2011

Congrats to the European Winners!

Many congrats to Simply Grand Schumann for his newest title, Junior European Winner 2011. Way to go, Schumann, Jenni & Heidi:)) Also many congrats to Helene Tibbe for her new European Winner Ilana of the Swift, who is the grand-daughter of Simply Grand Standing Room Only "Pavarotti". The Euro show was held in Amsterdam, and the Cotons were judged by Mr. Stelios Makaritis (Greece).

Simply Grand Schumann health certifications

Simply Grand Schumann received CLEAR eye exam results from Finnish opthalmologist Tarja Kolisoja, and a perfect (0/0) patellar exam! His parents are Simply Grand Curtain Call & Simply Grand Solo. Congrats to Jenni, Heidi, & Schumann for this wonderful news! We are already dreaming about baby Schumann  pups, & Schumann can't wait for the honeymoon!

Jenni & Schumann in Helsinki

WOW to Jenni, Heidi & Schumann!

Sending BIG congrats to Jenni, Heidi & Schumann for their success today in Helsinki, Finland! Schumann received Best of Breed at the annual Finnish Toy Dog Association's Championship Specialty, judged by Mikael Nilsson of Sweden. Way to go, Schumann & the girls!

Swedish Winner 2011

Simply Grand Schumann is now the Swedish Winner 2011.
Congratulations to Jenni & Heidi & our handsome boy Schumann!
Well done!

Congrats to Jenni & Schumann!

Many congratulations to Jenni & Heidi & Schumann today for their wins in Kuopio, Finland. Simply Grand Schumann received Best of Breed, SERT, & Best of Breed Junior, judged by Marit Sunde from Norway. Hooray for your continued success!

Ebony Eyes today - 8 weeks tomorrow!

Simply Grand Ebony Eyes

Happy Birthday to Schumann!

Simply Grand Schumann, 1 year old!

Ebony Eyes is 7 weeks old!

Simply Grand Ebony Eyes, 7 weeks

Simply Grand Schumann

Cha-Cha likes posing in her new royal throne!

Simply Grand Cha-Cha, 5 months
Cha-Cha lives in Moscow with her mom Daria!

Schumann, 2011 Junior World Winner!

Congratulations to Schumann & Jenni:))
Simply Grand Schumann received Best of Breed at the World Show today in Paris, & he now holds the title of 2011 Junior World Winner! There were 121 Cotons entered in the exhibition, judged by Mme. Jeanette Larive. Schumann's mom & dad Calli & Solo are so proud of their handsome boy, & we're all floating on "Cloud 9" today!
I'll be posting photos soon!

Congrats to Jenni & Schumann!

Sending a BIG congratulations to Jenni & Schumann in Paris!
Schumann received 2nd place, Junior Class, at the Championship of France
exhibition on Saturday, judged by M. Vincent Cabon. There were 101 Coton de
Tulear entries for the show. Tomorrow he will be competing in the World Dog Show, so we're sending Jenni & Schumann best wishes for lots of success in Paris on Sunday! There are 121 Coton de Tulear entries for Sunday!

Ebony Eyes is 6 weeks old!

Ebony Eyes today!

Simply Grand Ebony Eyes, 5 weeks

Simply Grand Schumann

Simply Grand Schumann, June 2011

Ebony Eyes is 3 weeks old today!

Simply Grand Ebony Eyes, 3 weeks

Ebony Eyes today!

Congrats to Jenni & Schumann!

Many congratulations to Jenni & Simply Grand Schumann today for their fantastic show results in Pieksamaki, Finland under Judge Soile Bister! Schumann received Best of Breed, & Best male with the CAC! Way to go!!!!!

"Ebony Eyes" is 1 week old!

Simply Grand "Ebony Eyes", one week old!

Ebony Eyes at 5 days old!

Congrats to Schumann!

Congratulations to Jenni, Heidi, & Schumann for their success today in Tampere, Finland! Simply Grand Schumann received Best Male, BOS, from judge Rita Reyniers, Belgium, and there were 42 Cotons in attendance. He received his first CAC! Way to go, Schumann!

Schumann's debut at his 1st adult show!

Simply Grand Schumann & Jenni attended a Finnish show this
Easter weekend. Schumann received Excellent, 1st Place male in the Junior Class! He received a wonderful critique from judge Hanne Laine Jensen, Denmark. Way to go, Jenni & Schumann! What a great start to your show career together!

Simply Grand Leonardo, 4 years old!

Simply Grand Leonardo, owned by Anni Vischer, Germany

Bossa Nova is almost 9 weeks old!

Simply Grand Bossa Nova

Chloe enjoying her "ride"!

Simply Grand Chloe, from Maddie x Misha, enjoying a Sunday drive!  Chloe is from Maddie's "Elton John" litter, & her nickname was Amoreena, along with her brothers Rocket Man & Pinball Wizard! Thank you, Lynda, for the adorable pics!


Simply Grand Schumann, owner, Jenni Peltola, Finland

Matteo's Best in Show

Simply Grand Matteo

Solo again!

Simply Grand Solo

My handsome boy "Solo"!

Simply Grand Solo
Solo celebrated his 6th birthday on Feb. 5!

My Valentine Babes!

Simply Grand Cha Cha, 10 days

Simply Grand Bossa Nova, 10 days

Simply Grand Calypso, 10 days

It's a Wonderful Life!

Simply Grand Calypso, 1 week

One, Two, Cha Cha Cha

Simply Grand Cha Cha, 1 week

Will you be my Valentine?

Simply Grand Bossa Nova, 1 week