Like Father, Like Daughter

Semper Amigo Simpel de Cotton
Schumann's daughter "Kerttu" received the Finnish Winner's 2012 titles today! 
She received Finnish Junior Winner 2012, & was also chosen
Best Female overall, receiving the adult Finnish Winner 2012 title (BOS). 
Many congratulations to Jenni & Kerttu!

Congrats are also due Kerttu's littermate sister,"Lida", who received 2nd place
 in the Junior Class at the Helsinki Winner's Show 2012, held yesterday, Dec. 8.

Lida, Schumann's daughter

Semper Amigo Simpel de Unique "Lida", daughter of Simply Grand Schumann, with her human mom Mervi in Finland. 

Banjo at 5 months!

Simply Grand Banjo, from Calli x Solo, at 5 months! Banjo lives in Scottsdale, AZ.
You can certainly tell that Calli is his mom!

Simply Grand Tambourine is expecting puppies!

Simply Grand Tambourine "Tami", from Dazzle x Misha
Tami is hoping for puppies to arrive around XMAS!

Cha-Cha, New Champion!

Simply Grand Cha-Cha, from Ricci x Solo. Cha-Cha just received Best Female 2012,
Best of Breed 2012, & Champion of Russia 2012.
Congrats to Cha-Cha & her owner Daria, I am so proud of BOTH of you!

My handsome NC boys!

 Bosco, from Geisha x BoBo
 Rocket Man "Tonto", from Maddie x Misha
Bosco visiting the cotton fields!


Shaglear Clair de Lune
Clair is the proud mom to Calli, Maddie, Harmony, Leonardo (Germany),
Mellis (Denmark), & Lolli (Switzerland).
Clair is retired, & celebrated her 13th birthday in Sept. 2013

Cha-Cha's "Golden Dog" Certificate

Simply Grand Cha-Cha
Golden Dog Trophy Winner, Liege, Belgium 2012

Cha-Cha, Russian Junior Championship certificate

Simply Grand Cha-Cha, Russian Jr. Champion

Sammie Streisand on her porch swing

Samantha relaxing at her Malibu barn house.
Sammie turned 9 years old this past April:))

Simply Grand One Man Band "Uno"

Simply Grand One Man Band "Uno", from Ricci x Mischa.
Uno is now 3 years old & Lives in Finland.

Sulo & Schumann

Semper Amigo Blanc Vagabond "Sulo" & his pal Simply Grand Schumann

Simply Grand Solo

Simply Grand Solo

Solo's mom Madame Butterfly "Geisha"

Madame Butterfly "Geisha".
Geisha is 13 years old, & she is the mother to Simply Grand Solo & Simply Grand Matteo.
Geisha is now retired & lives in Denver, CO.
Here she is as a puppy, showing off her butterfly clips!

Schumann's dad Solo . . . . . .

Simply Grand Solo, from Geisha x BoBo

Ebony Eyes . . . . . . .

5 days old
Simply Grand Ebony Eyes, from Dina x Solo, 3 weeks

Lollipop's new grand-baby "Blossom"!

Grand-daughter of Simply Grand Miss A'merica "Lollipop", born in Finland & bred by Nounouche Cotons.  Isn't she a doll!  "Lollipop" is the littermate sister of my girl "Calli". 

Charlie Brown's pups!

Simply Grand Charlie Brown, from Cartoon x BoBo

Charlie Brown lives in Seoul, Korea, and these are his first pups, so Cartoon is now a proud grand-mother! 

Simply Grand Solo

Simply Grand Solo, super-dad:))

Solo, as a pup!

Simply Grand Solo, 16 weeks

My favorite Coton de Tulear cartoon character!

Cartoonland's Cartoon, from Cartoonland's Vanupieds x Cartoonland's 

Simply Grand Matteo

Simply Grand Matteo as a puppy. He looks like he could be the identical twin of Ukulele at the same age! It's not too surprising, considering they have such similar lineage.

BoBo, the dad to Ricci's puppies, at 11 weeks . . . . .

Simply Grand One Man Band "Uno"

Simply Grand One Man Band "Uno", from Ricci x Misha, living in Finland

Gaga is almost 8 weeks old!

Simply Grand Gaga Over Gaga, 8 weeks

"The Bieb", 5 weeks

Simply Grand "The Bieb", 5 weeks

Simply Grand Gaga Over Gaga, 5 weeks

 Simply Grand Gaga Over Gaga, 5 weeks

Mimi, almost 7 weeks old!

Simply Grand Mimi, 7 weeks

Gaga is 4 weeks old!

Simply Grand Gaga Over Gaga, 4 weeks

Fiddle-Dee is 7 weeks old!

Simply Grand Fiddle-Dee, 7 weeks

Yo-Yo is 7 weeks old!

Simply Grand Yo-Yo, 7 weeks

Banjo, 6 1/2 weeks old!

Simply Grand Banjo, 6 1/2 weeks

Mimi, almost 6 weeks old!

Simply Grand Mimi, 6 weeks

Banjo is 5 weeks old!

Simply Grand Banjo, 5 weeks