Banjo is 5 weeks old!

Simply Grand Banjo, 5 weeks

Mimi, 4 weeks old

Simply Grand Mimi, 4 weeks

Banjo is 4 weeks old!

Simply Grand Banjo, 4 weeks

Ukulele, 3 weeks old!

Simply Grand Ukulele, 3 weeks

Simply Grand Ebony Eyes

Simply Grand Ebony Eyes, from Dina x Solo, 1 year old.
I just added Ebony to my website, & you can view her photo collage, 
from birth to the present, by clicking this link. Enjoy!

Eyes wide open!

Simply Grand Fiddle-Dee has opened her eyes! How beautiful they are:))

Schumann's daughter, 6 months old:))

Semper Amigo Simpel de Cotton "Kerttu". 
This darling girl is from Simply Grand Schumann & Ivy of Colourful White "Elsa". Congratulations to her breeder Jenni Peltola in Finland:))