Lollipop's new grand-baby "Blossom"!

Grand-daughter of Simply Grand Miss A'merica "Lollipop", born in Finland & bred by Nounouche Cotons.  Isn't she a doll!  "Lollipop" is the littermate sister of my girl "Calli". 

Charlie Brown's pups!

Simply Grand Charlie Brown, from Cartoon x BoBo

Charlie Brown lives in Seoul, Korea, and these are his first pups, so Cartoon is now a proud grand-mother! 

Simply Grand Solo

Simply Grand Solo, super-dad:))

Solo, as a pup!

Simply Grand Solo, 16 weeks

My favorite Coton de Tulear cartoon character!

Cartoonland's Cartoon, from Cartoonland's Vanupieds x Cartoonland's 

Simply Grand Matteo

Simply Grand Matteo as a puppy. He looks like he could be the identical twin of Ukulele at the same age! It's not too surprising, considering they have such similar lineage.

BoBo, the dad to Ricci's puppies, at 11 weeks . . . . .

Simply Grand One Man Band "Uno"

Simply Grand One Man Band "Uno", from Ricci x Misha, living in Finland

Gaga is almost 8 weeks old!

Simply Grand Gaga Over Gaga, 8 weeks