Happy New Year!

New Champion of Breed 2014

Big congrats to Daria & Simply Grand Cha-Cha! Cha-Cha
received Best Female 2014, Best of Breed 2014, & Champion
 of Breed 2014, at the Dog Show of Champions "The Gold Collar",
on Dec. 20, 2014, in Moscow Russia.


Congrats to Semper Amigo Cotons!

BIG congrats to Jenni Peltola of Semper Amigo Cotons in Finland for her successes in 2014. Sending a special "Thank You" to Jenni for her devotion & dedication to Simply Grand Schumann & his son Semper Amigo Dewey!  Schumann is pictured in the background, & Dewey is the 2nd boy in the group. 

Congrats to Dewey!

Many congratulations to Simply Grand Schumann's son Dewey for his fantastic Group 4 Placement at the International show in Herning, Denmark. Scan to 2:54 on the time counter to see some video of Jenni & Dewey in the Honor Ring.


Simply Grand!

Thanks to Ronna Skinner for designing this animated cutie for my website many years ago!
Ronna owns two of my Simply Grand Minstrels!
P.S. If the puppy isn't wagging his tail to the music, please try a different browser!

Simply Grand Solo

 Soon to celebrate his 10th birthday, Solo is the proud papa to Schumann, Maestro, Cha-Cha, & Funny Girl.

Visit Maestro!

Please visit Maestro's web pages!
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Simply Grand Schumann

 Thank you to Jenni Peltola for sharing these photos of Multi-Ch. Simply Grand Schumann, taken by photographer Sami Osenius. What a handsome guy!

Schumann picks up another trophy!

Simply Grand Schumann, Best of Breed, Finnish ToyDog Specialty 2014, Helsinki.

Congrats to Simply Grand Cha-Cha

Congrats to Simply Grand Cha-Cha, who just completed all of her DNA screenings 
through MyDogDNA, Helsinki, Genoscoper Laboratories. Cha-Cha is CLEAR for all tests, including CMR2, DM, PH, MDR1, & MH. Thanks so much, Daria, for completing her health clearances, including exams for eyes, hips, elbows, & patella, ALL normal. Hooray, Cha-Cha! 

Dewey receives a new title!

Semper Amigo Dewey, son of Simply Grand Schumann. Dewey is the new Junior World Winner 2014. Way to go, Jenni & Dewey!

Schumann & Sulo

My 1st hair bow!

Simply Grand Giselle "Georgia", 4 months old.

Enjoying the peace that the evening sun brings.

Beth, Lily, & Quincy (littermate brother to Maestro) taking in the evening sunset. 


Simply Grand Funny Girl "Fanny"

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!

Simply Grand Maestro

Simply Grand Maestro

Click below for Maestro's OFA health clearances!

Simply Grand Maestro, bravo!

Maestro finished his health testing with OFA & is now certified for eyes, patella, cardio, hips, & Legg-Calves-Perthes. All NORMAL, with GOOD hips!  He has also been DNA certified from VetGen as CLEAR for CMR2, BNAT, DM, PH, HU, & vWD.

Semper Amigo Huey & Dewey

BIG congrats to Jenni & Dewey today! Best of Breed for Dewey! Dewey is the son of Simply Grand Schumann. Here he is with his brother Huey as a young pup. Dewey is on the right. I love this photo . . . . . they look like bookends, or conjoined twins!

Congrats to Cha-Cha!

Many congrats to Daria and Simply Grand Cha-Cha, who received the title of Belarus Champion 2014, and qualified for Crufts 2015. Way to go, girls!

Simply Grand Giselle, 10 weeks old

Schumann at the hotel before the big show!

Simply Grand Schumann in Norway, waiting for show time! He received Best of Breed, & Best in Show, obtained the new titles of Nordic Champion & Champion of Norway, & he is now an FCI International Champion of Beauty! Well done!

Rebecca Ranger

My daughter, Rebecca, a park ranger in Southern CA, wrestling a snake to put it back into the wild. Where did she acquire this talent, I wonder? Certainly not from me!

Another Happy Girl, 6 1/2 weeks

One Happy Girl, 6 weeks!

How CUTE is this!

I'm a BIG girl now!

Maestro's Easter Bunnies!

Giselle & Coppelia, 3 1/2 weeks

Coppelia & Giselle are 3 weeks old!

Giselle (l.) & Coppelia (r.)

Simply Grand Coppelia

Simply Grand Coppelia, 12 days

Simply Grand Giselle

Simply Grand Giselle, 12 days

Lovely Fleur de Lis

Simply Grand Fleur de Lis

Simply Grand Cha-Cha, Champion of Eurasia 2014

Congratulations, Daria & Cha-Cha!


Can you tell which end is which?
This is Simply Grand Miss A'Merica "Lollipop", from Clair x BoBo.

Simply Grand Ebony Eyes

Simply Grand Ebony Eyes, 2 1/2 years

Simply Grand Funny Girl

Simply Grand Funny Girl "Fanny", 9 months
Fanny will be completing her Vet Gen & OFA health certifications on her 1st birthday in March 2014. Fanny is from Dina x Solo, & resembles her uncle Misha (The Nutcracker Prince).