Sammie Streisand

Sammie, then & now! 
Jim posed for photos with Samantha in my patio (& was showered with kisses!) 
during one of his visits to Phoenix. Sammie was only 7 weeks old. 

Samantha traveled to her beachfront home in Malibu when she was 13 weeks old. 
Within just a few weeks Barbra & Sammie were on a jet headed for the East Coast where they appeared on The Oprah Show.  Luckily Sammie has never been camera-shy, 
& she has traveled around the globe, always at Barbra's side.  

Sammie calls this home.

The LADY of the house!

Atop my piano . . . . 

Simply Grand!

Thanks to Ronna Skinner for designing this animated cutie for my website many years ago!
Ronna owns two of my Simply Grand Minstrels!
P.S. If the puppy isn't wagging his tail to the music, please try a different browser!

Simply Grand Solo

 Soon to celebrate his 10th birthday, Solo is the proud papa to Schumann, Maestro, Cha-Cha, & Funny Girl.