Happy 16th birthday, Clair!

Happy Birthday to Clair de Lune, who just turned 16 years old! 
Clair is one of Simply Grand's first breeding females, & she is retired 
lives in Laguna Niguel, CA. This painting was done by her CA mom! Clair 
is the mother & grandmother to many of our Simply Grand Champions!

Duet, 6 weeks!

Poet 6 weeks!

Troubadour 6 weeks!

Minstrel 6 weeks!

Our First Four Weeks

The first 4 weeks!

Best of Breed, Finnish Toy Dog Specialty Show 2017

Simply Grand Schumann

Simply Grand Miss Fanny Streisand

Daughter of Simply Grand Funny Girl

A painting by Ronna of her boy 
"Simply Grand Bijou Ace Skinner", 15 years old!

Poet, 3 1/2 weeks!

Poet at 18 days.

Albert & Violetta visited the eye specialist today!

Albert & Violetta went for their annual eye exam today with the doggie ophthalmologist.
Both are CLEAR for all eye diseases. Hooray!!!!!

Simply Grand Nightingale, 2 weeks

Sleeping Beauty, 2 weeks

Simply Grand Duet

Poet starting to open his eyes at 9 days!

Usually the eyes don't start opening until 
10-14 days, so this little guy is maturing quickly!