Simply Grand Minstrel, 10 weeks

Minstrel flew to Iowa today with his new mom! He will be called "Finnegan"!
We wish him all "The Luck of the Irish"!



Simply Grand Charlie before our trip to the airport this morning!

Troubadour, 9 weeks!

Troubadour is joining his new family in Memphis this weekend! 
They will call him "Charlie"!

Happy 16th birthday, Clair!

Happy Birthday to Clair de Lune, who just turned 16 years old! 
Clair is one of Simply Grand's first breeding females, & she is retired 
lives in Laguna Niguel, CA. This painting was done by her CA mom! Clair 
is the mother & grandmother to many of our Simply Grand Champions!

Duet, 6 weeks!

Poet 6 weeks!

Troubadour 6 weeks!

Minstrel 6 weeks!

Our First Four Weeks

The first 4 weeks!

Best of Breed, Finnish Toy Dog Specialty Show 2017

Simply Grand Schumann

Simply Grand Miss Fanny Streisand

Daughter of Simply Grand Funny Girl

A painting by Ronna of her boy 
"Simply Grand Bijou Ace Skinner", 15 years old!

Poet, 3 1/2 weeks!

Poet at 18 days.

Albert & Violetta visited the eye specialist today!

Albert & Violetta went for their annual eye exam today with the doggie ophthalmologist.
Both are CLEAR for all eye diseases. Hooray!!!!!

Simply Grand Nightingale, 2 weeks

Sleeping Beauty, 2 weeks

Simply Grand Duet