Stevie (Nicks), 12 days!

Jagger, 12 days!

Dylan & Bowie, eyes open at 11 days

Eyes have opened, but they're sleeping right now!

Simply Grand Dylan

Simply Grand Bowie

One week old!

Violetta's puppies, 2 days old!

Male, 2 days

Female, 2 days

Male, 2 days

Male, 2 days

Happu 15th Birthday, Calli!

Simply Grand Curtain Calli "Calli"
is the grandmother to Simply Grand Funny Girl
& mother to Simply Grand Schumann!

"Oldies but Goodies"!

Simply Grand Hocus Pocus "Bosco"

Simply Grand Brinkley

Brinkley is 10 years old & lives in Manhattan

Fanny Streisand

Fanny with me backstage at
Madison Square Garden


Besito lives in Connecticut.

Madison Square Garden!

Just returned from a trip to NYC where we were the guests 
of Barbra Streisand at her Madison Square Garden concert!
I was able to hold Simply Grand Grand Miss Fanny again, 
& meet her sisters Violet & Scarlet !!!

Our backstage badges

Fanny & me!

Scarlet & Violet

Central Park

Hopping a ride in Italy!

Miss Fanny on the right, Scarlet & Violet on the left!

Happy Birthday, dear Schumann!

Nine years old today!

Hyde Park, London concert

 Fanny & the clones joined Barbra on stage in London! 
Next stop, Madison Square Garden, NYC in August!
 I will be attending, along with my daughter & her fiancĂ©!!!! 
Click the link below to see some video!