Viioletta's new little boy, less than an hour old!

Violetta delivered 3 males & 1 female on Sunday, May 20! 
Two of the males are pure white, one is black & white, & the female is a tri-color! 

Violet & Scarlet

Simply Grand Samantha Streisand's clones,
Violet & Scarlett.
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Lily & Coda!

Simply Grand Bossa Nova "Summer", 12 weeks!

Happy Birthday, Miss Fanny Streisand!!!!!

On her way to Malibu to meet her new mom (August 2017),  
the airport was full of adoring fans!

Sammie Streisand's doghouse!

Sammie's doghouse was a gift from Barclays Center, Brooklyn. It is a replica of a Brooklyn townhouse, and even has the address "24" on the door, which is Barbra's birthday and lucky number!

Bogart is 10 weeks old!

Tallinn (Estonian) Winner’s Title, 2018


Boogie Woogie, 8 weeks!

Bossa Nova, 8 weeks!

Jitterbug, 8 weeks!

Charlston, 7 weeks!

Twister, 7 weeks!

Happy Easter!

Boogie Woogie 6 weeks!

Bossa Nova 6 weeks!

Charlston 6 weeks!

Charlston & Twister 6 weeks!

Twister 6 weeks!

Congrats to Simply Grand Schumann!

Heidi & Schumann!
Beszt of Breed & Best of Group 2, Lahti, Finland.

Twister, 5 weeks old!

Charlston, 5 weeks old!

Jitterbug, 5 weeks!

Bossa Nova, 4 1/2 weeks!

Into the Clouds

Philipp & Hana, Cape Town, South Africa
Carrier by Ruffit USA

Video slideshow - Our First Four Weeks!

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Twister 4 weeks!

Charlston 4 weeks!

Bossa Nova, 4 weeks!

Jitterbug, 4 weeks!

Charlston & Twister, 4 weeks!

Boogie Woogie, 4 weeks!

The twin boys, 3 weeks!