Funny Girl x Nico

 1 week old!
 1 week old!
 1 week old!
 4 days old!
 4 days old!
Simply Grand Funny Girl, proud mama!

Albert 13 1/2 months

Simply Grand Quincy & pals!

Maestro's brother Quincy!

Simply Grand Tickle Me Elmo

The CUTEST derriere on the planet!


Simply Grand Carnegie Hall "Halle"

Albert Lucky Charm (video)

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OOPS . . . . !!!!!

My past 4 months of blog posts were accidentally deleted from the server. 
I will attempt to re-create the posts over the next few weeks!

Albert is one year old!

Simply Grand Rudolph "Rudy"


Soli's pups, 6 weeks old!

Drummer, Misty, Rocky, Rudy, & Santa Baby!

Simply Grand Violetta, 15 months!

The Miami Concert, December 2016

Before the Concert

Barbra, Samantha, & Me!

Front row center!

My daughter Rebecca & I . . . . . 
We made the Monday night news!

Biscayne Blvd., Miami, after the Streisand concert!

Miami Sheraton XMAS tree

MERRY XMAS!!!!!!!!

Solitude x Maestro are expecting!

The puppies are due on XMAS Day! The ultrasound shows 5-6 babies!
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Albert after his bath today.