Boogie Woogie, 1 week old!

Bossa Nova, 1 week old!

Jitterbug, 1 week old!

Charlston, 1 week old!

Twister, 1 week old!

The quintuplets are 3 days old!

Boogie Woogie, 3 days

Dixie Chick

Koko & Mika

Simply Grand Tiki, 5 weeks

Happy New Year

Ava, 8 weeks!

Simply Grand Vivaldi

Schumann is new Nordic Winner 2017!!!!

Simply Grand Schumann, new Nordic Winner 2017.
And he placed 3rd in the Toy Group among 37 additional toy breeds.

Cora is 6 weeks old!

Congrats again to Simply Grand Schumann!

Schumann is the new Helsinki Winner 2017. And his granddaughter Grace (Albert's sister) received the CACIB from the Open Class!

Phantom, 6 weeks!

Happy Holidays from Simply Grand Giovanni

Giovanni is the brother of Simply Grand Violetta!

Phantom, 4 1/2 weeks!

Coda, 4 1/2 weeks!

ChouChou, 15 weeks!