My favorite hiding place!

I'm hiding from the coronavirus until it's safe to come out!

Social Distancing??????

Fanny & the clones don't believe in social distancing!

Shayna's 1st "People Mover" ride!

Phoenix Int'l airport!

The Banana Thief . . . . .

"The Banana Thief" at the Streisand-Brolin household!

Happy 4th Birthday Albert!!!

The Coton head tilt!!!!!

My grandbabies from Korea. 

Stevie's ready to play!

Simply Grand Stevie, from Violetta, x Albert.
Look how much her coloring has faded over the past few months!

Stevie, almost 6 months old

Stevie at 5 weeks

Scarlet & Violet Streisand-Brolin

Even their toys share the same outfits!

Violetta will deliver puppies soon!

Simply Grand Violetta enjoyed her honeymoon last week
& should deliver puppies during the 2nd week of April.
She was mated with an all-white male, but is expected to deliver
both pure white & tri-colored puppies, & possibly a black & white pup!
Here are some photos of Violetta herself as a pup!

Meet the new star of The Bachelor!

Be My Valentine!

Simply Grand Schumann

Schumann's Championship Titles,
as listed by the Finnish Kennel Club

Simply Grand Matteo

Born 4/19/02, almost 18 years old!
Here are some of his puppy & show photos over the years!


Best in Show, San Diego

Group 1, Best in Show

FCI Canofila de Mexico, Mexico City
Best of Breed, Mexican Championship

Handsome Albert

Pawfully Coton

Pawfully Coton is for those humans who understand the sensibility, 
the love & the loyalty that Pawfully Cotons de Tulear share.
At Pawfully Coton you will find drawings reflecting little stories 
illustrating the relationships humans can have with their Pawfully little friends.

In a world full of sad stories, Pawfully Coton tries to find some brightness.
 These stories are full of tenderness, joy, & color! 

Pawfully yours,🖌🎨🐾🐾

How cute is this!

Simply Grand Jagger!

Charlie Brown's grandson!

Conan, grandson of Simply Grand Charlie Brown,
& great grandson of Cartoon x BoBo!


Simply Grand Kota,
from Solitude x Albert, 2 1/2 years old!

I think he's enjoying this!

Click below!

Soon they will be one year old!

Violetta x Maestro's puppies born January 24, 2019
will soon celebrate their first birthday!
Sending love to Cosette, Figaro, 
Don Giovanni, & Amadeus!

Click on the link below to see them at 8 weeks!

Chopin Etude in A-Flat "Aeolian Harp"
Played by Marilyn Smart

The birthday pups!

Videos of the pups at 2 months!
Chopin played by Marilyn Smart

Cotons love the snow!!

Click below for video!
Dog Sledding in the Swiss Alps!

Click below for video!

Simply Grand Encore "Cora"

Cora hopes for puppies in the spring/summer 2020!

Violetta's daughter Masquerade

Masquerade will have her first puppies this spring/summer!

Happy New Year!

Bon Voyage!

Dylan & me at the airport waiting to meet his forever family!

Fabulous Fanny!

Fanny is the daughter of Simply Grand Funny Girl.
Fanny, along with Cotons Violet & Scarlet, lives with 
Barbra Streisand & Jim Brolin in Malibu, CA.