Simply Grand Harmony in Motion

Harmony is from parents Clair de Lune x Simply Grand Matteo


In honor of the Halloween babies!

Compliments of Molly's family!

1st "People Mover" ride!

Phoenix Int'l airport!

Chapel & Fanny!

Barbra Streisand's granddaughter Chapel
with Simply Grand Miss Fanny, LOVE at first sight!

Molly's 1st day with her new family!

Skittles on his way to Boca Raton!

 Taking the red eye flight!

Kit Kat aka Molly, 11 weeks!

Molly just joined her "forever" family in Scottsdale, AZ!

Baby Ruth aka Baby Rhys

 On her way to St. Louis!

Happy 12th Birthday, Charlie!

Simply Grand Charlie Brown, who lives in Seoul, Korea

Camo, 12 years old

Cam lives in Palm Beach, FL, and will be 13 this year. 
His parents are Simply Grand Curtain Call "Calli" x Versace. 
Versace is from Harmony x Cosmo.

Skittles, 9 weeks

Happy New Year from Tootsie . . . .

and ALL of us at Simply Grand!

Kit Kat, almost 9 weeks!

Snickers is 8 1/2 weeks old!

Baby Ruth aka Rhys, 8 1/2 weeks!

Tootsie, 8 1/2 weeks

Rocket Man in slo-mo!

Click below to see Simply Grand Rocket Man on XMAS!

Rocket Man

Happy Holidays!

Simply Grand Maestro

Dad to the puppies!

Kit Kat is 7 weeks old!

Nordic Winner 2021 & Best of Breed

Semper Amigo Rolling Stone "Elmo",
son of Simply Grand Schumann.
Best of Breed & Nordic Winner 2021, Helsinki, Finland.
Elmo is following in his dad Schumann's footsteps, 
who was the Nordic Winner in 2013 & 2017.

Albert Lucky Charm, 5 years!

Grandson of Simply Grand Schumann

Kit Kat, 6 weeks old!

Tootsie, 5 1/2 weeks!

Happy Holidays!

Waiting for Santa!

Snickers, 5 weeks!

Baby Ruth, 5 weeks!


Kit Kat, 5 weeks!


Tootsie, 5 weeks!

Skittles, 5 weeks!


Snickers, 4 1/2 weeks!

Jasmine was the mother of Samantha Streisand, 
Barbra Streisand's 1st Coton.
She was retired to a former breeder in
Tucson, AZ & lived to a ripe old age of 19 years! 
They lived on a golf course & Jasmine would ride 
with Nadine every day in the cart. Don't you love the 
Coton de Tulear golf club covers (furry companions!) in 
the back of the cart!!!


Here is Penny at 10 weeks & 6 weeks, so you can see how the dilute color gene works!
Check out her photo in the post below to see her at 10 months!

And Penny at 6 weeks!

Simply Grand On Broadway

Also known as "Penny Lane", from the Beatles litter!
Penny will have her first litter next year!


National Coton de Tulear Day!

 Did you know that Nov. 26 is National Coton de Tulear Day?

Simply Grand Hocus Pocus aka "Bosco”, posing in a N. Carolina cotton field!

Tootsie, almost 4 weeks!

Baby Ruth, almost 4 weeks old!

Skittles & Kit Kat, almost 4 weeks!

High Five from Snickers!

Banksy . . . . .

with twin top-knots!

Kit Kat, 3 1/2 weeks!

Tootsie, 3 1/2 weeks!