What's in Sammie's Basement?

The Basement Shops

At one point, a door opens and Streisand, who has been speaking in a very controlled manner and sitting quite still, stops mid-sentence and jumps up: "My baby! I haven't seen you for hours!" she shrieks with joy. Brolin? No. A white ball of fluff is suddenly bouncing wildly on the couch and licking her face. It's Samantha, Streisand's Coton de Tulear. "I love you, I love you. Did you miss me?" she coos as she rushes over to pick up her dog. "She's our daughter," continues Streisand. "She's brilliant. She understands English."

Schumann is now a Finnish citizen!

Schumann arrived in Finland today, and he already LOVES the snow! He also loves his new mommy Jenni! We all wish Schumann a wonderful life and much success in Finland!

"Ricci" as a puppy!

Ricci when she was a baby herself, at 9 weeks old!